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Copy the fragment section below

<!-- Begin Animal Lovers Ring Fragment-->
<center><table border=0><tr><td align="center"><font size=2><b>This
 <a href="">Animal Lovers Ring</a>
site is owned by <a href="mailto:YOUR_E-MAIL ADDRESS">YOUR NAME</a>.
<a href="">
<IMG WIDTH=177 HEIGHT=135 SRC="cats.gif"></a></center></td></tr>
<td align=center><font size=2><b>
| <a href="
YOUR_ID&next">Next</a> |
| <a href="
YOUR_ID&skip">Skip Next</a> |
| <a href="
YOUR_ID&prev">Previous</a> |
| <a href="
YOUR_ID&next5">Next 5</a> |
| <a href="
YOUR_ID&random">Random</a> |
<br><font size=2><b>Want to join the ring?  Click here for
<a href="">info</a>.</font>
<!-- End Animal Lovers Fragment-->

Don't forget to download the image of your choice and edit the code to contain
the correct name of the image you choose.