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You can choose one of the following alternate graphics to use on your page. Make sure you save it to your own server, DIRECT LINKING IS NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you are found to be direct-linking an image from my server, the image will be replaced with one that indicates that you don't know proper Netiquette. If you have problems uploading, please contact me for assistance. You will need to substitute in the correct image name, height and width in your html fragment if you choose an image other than the cats. If you would like the image to be FTPed to your server for you, please fill out the FTP Request Form

ATTENTION: IF YOU ARE ON AOL, before you download an image, please go to MEMBERS, PREFERENCES and WWW and make sure your graphics are set to "uncompressed" so when you upload the image to your page, it will be able to be seen by everyone, not just people on AOL! I will NOT add a site to the ring that has a broken image symbol. THANKS!!

cats.gif WIDTH=177 HEIGHT=135

dogs.gif WIDTH=179 HEIGHT=138
More dog images

lion.gif WIDTH=179 HEIGHT=165

owl.gif WIDTH=154 HEIGHT=210

seal.gif WIDTH=179 HEIGHT=138

tiger.gif WIDTH=179 HEIGHT=138

rabbit.gif WIDTH=179 HEIGHT=146

racoon.gif WIDTH=148 HEIGHT=194

wolf.gif WIDTH=179 HEIGHT=139

image.gif WIDTH=148 HEIGHT=109

Member Contributed Images!

horse.gif WIDTH=158 HEIGHT=198
Thanks to Katy!

fox.gif WIDTH=108 HEIGHT=151
Thanks to Rebecca!

finch.gif WIDTH=130 HEIGHT=137
Thanks to Rebecca!

chickade.gif WIDTH=268 HEIGHT=76
Thanks to Christina!

ferret.gif WIDTH=112 HEIGHT=153
Thanks to Robin!

dolphin.gif WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=154
Thanks to Christina!

koala.gif WIDTH=216 HEIGHT=155
Thanks to Christina!

pbearcub.gif WIDTH=175 HEIGHT=198
Thanks to Christina!

wtiger.gif WIDTH=225 HEIGHT=155
Thanks to Christina!

oriole.gif WIDTH=186 HEIGHT=176
Thanks to The Pondmaster!

swan.gif WIDTH=201 HEIGHT=190
Thanks to The Pondmaster!

donkey.gif WIDTH=179 HEIGHT=198
Thanks to Leah!

sheep.gif WIDTH=222 HEIGHT=96
Thanks to Susi!

cow.gif WIDTH=204 HEIGHT=147
Thanks to Linda Ann!

I am no longer accepting Member Contributed images. If you have an image of an animal you don't see here, please feel free to use it with your ring code. Be sure that it is not copyrighted and please add the text "Animal Lovers Ring" to the image. I reserve the right to not allow anyone in the ring who has chosen an image that is offensive or shows an animal being hurt or abused. Thanks.