The Animal Lovers Ring!

HOW TO JOIN: (Please read!)

If you would like to join the Animal Lovers Ring, please submit your site here. You will then need to add a small segment of JAVA Script, called the "nav bar" to your page. If you are already a member of any other Webrings, you will not need to make any changes to your page.

You will first need a Webring ID and password to join. Please keep that information as you will need it to edit your site info in the future.

The page that you submit MUST be the page that contains the ring code, don't list your main page unless that is the page the code is on - this is VERY important. If your site has FRAMES, you must still list the ACTUAL page the code is on. Just have a link on that page to your main site where you can load your frames. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS ARE ALLOWED. The reason for this is that the ring has a feature called "Ring Checker" that automatically checks all member pages for valid JAVA Scripts. If the fragment is not located, it will suspend your site.

Once the script is up on your page, please notify me at Please remember to send me your URL so I can visit your page. Remember, filling out this form only adds you to the queue, you must first add the script to your page before you will be added to the ring. Sites only stay in the queue for 7 days before they are deleted, so please add the script within that time. If you are deleted it doesn't mean you can't join, it only means you need to reapply.

For more information and help with Webring system, click HERE


If you want to remove your site from the ring, update your ring info (URL, E-mail, etc.) or get the correct code for your page, Click HERE

This is how the code will look on your site:


This ring is under new management as of June 4th, 1998. If you had problems in the past joining the ring, please give us another try! Thanks!

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