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The Animal Lovers Ring!

Welcome to the Animal Lovers WebRing. If you have a page on animals - any kind, please join the fun! The only requirement is that your page be family-friendly. By joining the ring, you also are added to my mailing list for important animal-related issues. If you don't want to be on the list, please do NOT join the ring. To JOIN, just follow these steps:

Step 1:Choose one of the graphics, save and upload it to your server or use the FTP Request Form.
Step 2:Fill out the form below completely to submit your site to the queue. The page you list with the ring MUST be the page that contains the code. The ring is fully automated to check for valid fragments on member pages and if the code is not on the page that the ring is looking at, it will move your site to the queue. Even if your page uses frames, you must list the page with the ring code. Simply add a link back to your main page (where you can load frames) from the page you put the code on. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Step 3:Insert the HTML Fragment that is mailed to you into your page. Be aware that pages only stay in the queue for 7 days, so please be prompt!!
Step 4:Ask the ring manager to add you to the ring!

If you want to remove your site from the ring, update your ring info (URL, E-mail, etc.) or get the correct code for your page, Click HERE

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Save a Ring Image

If you would like to use an image other than the cats shown below, visit our ALTERNATE IMAGE PAGE. You will need to substitute in the correct image name, height and width in your html fragment if you choose an image other than the cats.

Make sure you save the ring image to your own server, DIRECT LINKING IS NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you are found to be direct-linking an image from my server, the image will be replaced with one that indicates that you don't know proper Netiquette. For more info on STEALING BANDWIDTH and why DIRECT-LINKING is bad, visit Web Prestige If you have problems uploading, please contact me for assistance. If you would like the image to be FTPed to your server for you, please fill out the FTP Request Form. Web TV members, please read the transloader info page.

ATTENTION: IF YOU ARE ON AOL, before you download an image, please go to MY AOL, PREFERENCES and WWW and make sure your web graphics are set to "uncompressed" so when you upload the image to your page, it will be able to be seen by everyone, not just people on AOL! I will NOT add a site to the ring that has a broken image symbol. THANKS!!

cats.gif WIDTH=177 HEIGHT=135

AOL MEMBERS: You will not be able to receive the ring fragment via e-mail because AOL distorts HTML in e-mail. Please copy and paste it from the page you will see after submitting yourself to the queue. E-mail me if you need assistance.

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This Animal Lovers Ring site is owned by Nancy.

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This ring is under new management as of June 4th, 1998. If you had problems in the past joining the ring, please give us another try! Thanks!

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